Aer Wave Premium Herbal E-Liquid 10pk

Aer Wave Premium Herbal E-Liquid 10pk

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Aer Wave Premium Herbal E-Liquid 1ml ( 10pk )

Aer Wave is the STRONGEST product on our site by far, including dry herb blends and e liquids. This is the world's STRONGEST herbal e-liquid on the market and available exclusively here. Aer Wave is  first of its kind herbal e-liquid that has an effect edging out even our strongest herbal blends! Feel the rush with  AER Wave! This product is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding herbal consumer! Limited quantities available. Comes in a Pre-Filled 1ml tank ( you will need a vaporizer to use this product we recommend the EGY Puff )

- 100% Legal in ALL States
- Limited Quantities Available
-Strongest Herbal Product Available
-Use with Caution. Do not use while operating vehicle or machinery


Inhale for 3 seconds, and hold for 10 seconds before exhaling. Wait 1-2 minutes for effect to set in. DO NOT inhale more than once during any 1-2 minute interval. AER Wave creates a very limited vapor upon exhale. Enjoy with caution.

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