Bizarro Herbal Liquid .5ml

Bizarro Herbal Liquid .5ml

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Bizarro Herbal Liquid 1ml (10 pack )

Bizarro herbal liquid is our number one selling herbal liquid on our site. There is simply no comparison in terms of potency, this is our hottest selling product right now and rightfully so. Bizarro is not for the average mild mannered user, exercise discretion and use caution! If youve tried any other herbal liquids out there this is the champ, hands down....there is NO COMPETITION! Bizarro Herbal Incense will forever be remembered as one of the best in the industry, this unique exclusive herbal liquid is no different. The mind boggling potency and smooth aroma that has created such a huge following continues its legacy here at OSB. 

Bizarro Herbal Liquid is only recommended for advanced users and should be used sparingly. This product is insanely potent!!

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